Bengali Tv Serial Gangster Ganga

Gangster Ganga Bengali TV SERIALS on Sun Bangla

Gangster Ganga is a hilarious action drama on the Sun Bangla channel. It premiered in 2019. The 77-episode show is available to stream on the MX Player app. Sun Bangla is a sister channel managed by the Sun Network Group based in Chennai. Sanghamitra Talukdar and Koushik Das had played the leading roles in the series. The show gathered a loyal audience, and the public appreciated the cast’s performance. The story follows the life of an orphan, Ganga. The only known relative she has is her aunt, Kochi pisi. Ganga is tomboyish and runs an NGO. She also leads a local gang that works for the good of the people in her village.

Meanwhile, Kochi Pisi is in an endless search for a prospective groom for Ganga. However, none of them appeases her; until Ganga falls in love with Gadai. Gadai is a simpleton from the city. The plot takes flight after her marriage to Gadai, and it sets a hilarious journey for the newly married couple.