Bengali Tv Serial Bagh Bandi Khela

Bagh Bondi Khela Bengali TV SERIALS on Zee Bangla

Bagh Bandi Khela is a Bengali thriller series that aired on Zee Bangla. The show premiered on 6th January, 2020. It was produced and created by Shree Venkatesh Films and directed by ‘Swarnendu Sammadar.’ ‘Ishani Das,’ ‘Rubel Das’ and ‘Rukma Roy’ played the main leads in the show.

The series started with the thrilling story of a newly married couple who were looking forward to go and see tigers in the Sunderbans. The show intertwined romance with the eerie forests of West Bengal and the ferocious Royal Bengal Tiger. The show also had supernatural instances and can also be classified as a horror show. Due to the unfortunate onset of Covid-19, the show had to be cancelled due to the disruption in shooting.