Bengali Tv Serial Alor Basha

Alor Basha Bengali TV SERIALS on Ruposhi Bangla

Alor Basha is a Bengali drama serial that was premiered and broadcasted on Ruposhi Bangla and revolves around a young woman named Alo and how her life drastically changes after her marriage. The serial portrays Alo as a simple, beautiful, and honest village girl who is not acquainted with the modern and technologically advanced world. After a series of unfortunate events and problems regarding her own family, she gets married to her sister's fiancé named Deb, which leads to further problems in her life. She enters her in-laws' house, Ananda Niketan, which consists of a modern family with the perfect grasp of etiquette. This leads her married life on a rocky start, and she finds herself alone in her in-laws. Her husband feels disappointed and ashamed of her because of her old-fashioned way of life. Her in-laws do everything to make her life miserable and try to kick her out of the house. However, she doesn't lose hope and tries her best to win over the love and respect of her husband and the other members of the household. She tries to adapt to the modern ways without losing herself in the whole process and hence begins her new journey of fighting against the odds and obstacles. How she manages to do that is what constitutes the rest of the episodes.