Assamese Tv Serial Duborir Dolisat

Duborir Dolisat  Assamese TV SERIALS on Rengoni tv

Duborir Dolisat is an Assamese serial that is telecast on Rengoni Tv Channel. The plot of the story revolves around two childhood friends, Kunal and Noi. Kunal works in a multinational company in Bengaluru, and Noi works in a private company in Guwahati. Noi has always harbored romantic feelings for Kunal but never expressed them. However, Kunal only perceives Noi as a good friend.

Kunal did not have any friends in Guwahati except Noi so he consulted her whenever he needed help around. In fact, Noi also helps Kunal search a bride for him. In a very less time, the serial lot of success and appraisal because of its twists and turns in the plot.