Assamese Tv Serial Anuradha

Other names of : Anuradh
Anuradha Assamese TV SERIALS on Rang TV

Anuradha (2012) is an Assamese drama on the Rang TV channel. N K Production has produced the series. Rajesh Bhuyan directed the serial. This romantic family drama had received immense popularity. The lead character of the series Anuradha (played by actress Moonmi Phukan) is a kind-hearted, innocent girl. She is in love with Samir (Utpal Das) from her village. However, because of unseen circumstances, their love is met with much opposition. Samir lives in the city to make it big. When he finally does, he comes back to the village to claim Anuradha as his wife. However, she ends up dead. Depressed and heartbroken, Samir goes to stay with his friend and there he meets a girl who looks like his Anuradha. The next part of the serial focuses on Samir finally accepting the truth and finding peace. Zubeen Garg and Treen Sharma sang the title song for the series. Zubeen Garg also plays one of the lead characters in the drama.