Assamese Tv Serial Akou Khaplang Kai

Akou Khaplang Kai Assamese TV SERIALS on Focus Hifi

Akou Khaplang Kai is a comedy serial in the Assamese Language that aired on 1st September 2014 on Focus Hifi. The serial is centered around a village and the happenings in the life of its occupants. Akou Khaplang Kai is a popular comedy serial that helps viewers unwind their day with a laugh. The serial focuses on the life of Khaplang Dada and has various plot twists that make the serial exciting to watch.

The key highlights of the serial are Khaplang's expressions, the director's choice of keeping everything as real as it would be in a village, the director doesn't make altercation in the natural surrounding and presents the viewers with the natural beauty of a village and its people. Akou Khaplang Kai is a fantastic comedy serial to unwind from your hectic day. The lead role of Khaplang Dada, played by the Late Rahul Das, is the most loved character of the serial. The serial has more than 100 episodes of 20 minutes duration per episode. Watch the serial on Focus Hifi's Youtube Channel.